British Government Gives Up, Introduces Shatterproof Pint Glasses


Binge drinking in the U.K. is on the rise, and drinking-related deaths and injures cost the National Health Service 2.7 billion pounds a year. But, erm, the British Government would like to offer you a shatterproof glass pint glass for your bender, just to make sure you can’t smash it over anybody’s head.

Actually, it turns out that there are 87,000 alcohol-related glass attacks each year. The pints were introduced by the government on Thursday, and will be tried out in a large pub chain before being unleashed on the general population.

A bartender quoted in the Huffington Post has pretty good reason to like the new glasses.

“One time there was a big fight and 50 pints were smashed in one minute,” she said. “One man smashed a glass over another one’s head. One person’s eye was popping out. It was a bloodbath. There was glass raining. People were hiding behind the counter.”

Meanwhile, The Guardian is running a poll asking if readers think the new glasses will effective in curbing binge-related acts of violence. Possible answers: “Yes. An English tradition is gone” “No. Bottles will be broken instead”

In the current results, 75% expect bottles to be smashed over heads instead. Necessity being the mother of invention…

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