Get Your Freekeh On: Northern Spy Food Co.’s Risotto Lives Up to the Hype


With all the recent talk about freekeh, we decided to check it out for ourselves. The freekeh risotto at Northern Spy Food Co. is just as good as reported. A hearty grain — roasted and sun-dried green wheat — is doused in butter and garlic, emboldened by clothbound cheddar and marscarpone, though not enough to render it creamy. Bite-sized pieces of butternut squash add color (both figuratively and literally) to each bite.

For more carby action, share a plate of cookies, all baked in-house. A large, flat chocolate chip accompanies a meringue, lady finger, chocolate peppermint, and (somehow like the cookie version of the risotto) an unassumingly delightful and not-too-sweet dried-apricot cornmeal cookie.

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