Howard Stern on American Idol?


According to today’s Page Six, that could happen, as the popular talent show is reportedly courting the shock jock to replace Simon Cowell (though a source is quoted as saying Stern might just be using this to keep Sirius XM on their toes and give him lots of money when his contract renews).

If it did happen, the frizzy haired mouth of America would surely be sharp and funny as he cuts down all those screechy singers, all while Ellen DeGeneres assumes an Abdul-like glow and tries to defend them.

And surely he’s professional enough to know that he can’t say certain things he can only get away with on the radio.

But does he really belong on what’s basically a middle-of-the-road songfest, filled with way more shlock than shock?

Mightn’t this water down his image and make him a little too accessible to Nebraska housewives?

And what would Chaunce Hayden think?