Neon Indian Playing Last-Minute Market Hotel Show Tonight


Put on by our old buddy Greg Finch, formerly of the Under 100 gang. Texas zombie pop and ambivalent lo-fi ambassador Neon Indian is sort of hanging in New York all month, it seems–after playing with the Atlas Sound last night at NYU, dude plays Brooklyn tonight, and then DJs at Glasslands on Valentine’s Day. And he’s one of the first announced bands for Todd P’s upcoming Mexico fest. So if you want to see him before you’re on the side of a mountain, freaking out on drugs and indie-rock, think about this evening. With Beach Fossils, aka New York magazine nemesis and alleged former Urban Outfitters employee Dustin Payseur. Points to anyone who reprises that “Play that Pitchfork song, man!” heckle Neon Indian got last time they played in town.

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