On NBC’s Now Thoroughly Scrutinized Black History Month Menu


Hard to see how today’s New York Post item on yesterday’s Black History Month menu at NBC makes the whole thing any less parodic or ridiculous. So “the African-American chef who planned it doesn’t understand the fuss”? And Questlove, who Tweeted about the whole thing and thus started this whole imbroglio, was for it before he was against it, according to that chef, Leslie Calhoun? “Questlove, who I serve every day and who enjoys my food,” Calhoun told the Post, “requested the neck bone [cooked in] the black-eyed peas and fried chicken, then got off the line, saying, ‘This is racist.'” Which it was, or it wasn’t, but we can all agree that the fucking sign looked like something Curb Your Enthusiasm would use for a gag, no? Nobody saw that for what it was? Except for Questlove. Who surely enjoys fried chicken as much as the rest of us. But might not enjoy it when its unironically paired with a big sign that says “In Honor of Black History Month”? There are reasons that would be a bad idea. No? [NYP]

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