Posts of the Week


As we contemplate the end of the week and a possible snowfall, let us pause to look back at the bests posts of the past five days.

We ranked Our 10 Best Restaurant Bathrooms.

Our Man Sietsema sampled Purina’s Yellowfin Tuna Florentine cat food and found absolutely nothing Tuscan about it.

Battle of the Dishes pitted kale chips from New York Naturals and Jungle Treats against one another.

Edward III is New York’s second homegrown absinthe.

Print’s Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez talked about getting back into the pastry kitchen, in-house foraging, and Tom Colicchio’s ‘startling’ Coke ads.

Josh Ozersky
talked about his plans for (food) world domination and all of the fancy chefs who are apparently cooking at his wedding.

Lamb necks make great winter braises.

David Wondrich previewed his new book, The History of Punch.

There’s a new generation of Indian convenience foods.

The sandwich is enjoying a triumphant resurrection.

G-U-T-B-O-M-B is spelled by Mile End’s smoked meat poutine and Belachan’s penang lobak.

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