The State of Molecular Gastronomy; Bruce Springsteen Is Not Suing Connolly’s


What is the current state of molecular gastronomy? Its main proponents — Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, and Grant Achatz — have distanced themselves from the term. British Japanese chef Jun Tanaka says it’s acquired a poor reputation and that chefs’ focus will return to produce and “being natural.” [Wall Street Journal]

Deflation has been a challenge for major food corporations, like Sara Lee Corp., Kellogg Co., and Burger King, all of whom have reported lower earnings this quarter.
[Wall Street Journal]

The owner of Florida’s Heart Attack Grill, home of the quadruple bypass burger, is suing the owner of Heart Stoppers Sports Grill for stealing its medically themed name.
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, Bruce Springsteen is not suing Connolly’s Pub for failure to pay licensing fees on songs covered at the bar. The ASCAP filed the suit without The Boss’ consent.
[NY Times]

Restaurant surcharges explained: When you get charged extra for ice in your drink, you’re actually being charged for the extra liquor poured, up to 20 percent more for on-the-rocks.
[Chicago Tribune]

Cooking with your iPhone can be messy, but offers access to a huge repertoire of recipes. The Epicurious app alone houses both Bon Appetit‘s and the late Gourmet‘s library.

Bruce Buschel is seeking suggestions for a name for the restaurant whose creation he has been chronicling in his You’re the Boss blog. His first choice, Bananafish, likely won’t stick.
[NY Times]

A pair of entrepreneurs from Long Island are starting a Long Island chapter of the New York State Restaurant Association.


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