Valentine’s Day Hype, More Wu Liang Ye Protesters & a Killer Pizza Oven




This week in food blogs:

Eater noted how the New York City area is far too amped for the non-holiday that is Valentine’s Day.

The Guardian asked if the Nordic diet might replace the Mediterranean diet as the healthy cuisine of choice.

Grub Street tested whether Hill Country’s “Feed Your Face” challenge was doable. The verdict? Yes. Is it worth it? Um, no.

Blondie and Brownie suggested you bake your own treats for V-Day.

Midtown Lunch noticed more Wu Liang Ye protesters, this time outside Mapo Tofu.

The Food Section heard about an Italian gun shop owner who tried to dispose of his murder victim’s severed head in a pizza oven.

The Atlantic Food Channel posed the question: “Is sustainable fish a sham?”

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