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Wayne Barrett Compared to James Taylor, Robert Duvall in the Times


There is not much with which we could possibly ornament what the New York Times said, in its article on that Facebook “Doppelganger” thing, about one of our most esteemed colleagues:

Wayne Barrett, the investigative reporter behind two probing books on Rudolph W. Giuliani, saw in himself a mixture of Robert Duvall and a bit of James Taylor. Mr. Barrett doesn’t have a Facebook page, so the option of switching his picture to one or the other was never there.

But his subject, Rudy, does. And who does Mr. Barrett see as the former mayor’s doppelganger? “He always likes to play the godfather, Marlon Brando,” he said, adding that “Rudy didn’t just impersonate Marlon as godfather; sometimes he liked to be him.”

“As he’s grown heavier and lost the comb-over,” Mr. Barrett said, “it was no longer an audition.”

Barrett doesn’t have a Facebook page? So that’s why he never answers our friend requests.

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