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Bloomberg: city workers should demand lower taxes for Wall Street


Bonus awards on Wall Street are expected to be up almost 20% this year, and Mike Bloomberg thinks they should be higher. Mayor Mike announced Friday on his radio show that New York City workers should do something about that: “Our cops, firefighters, teachers — all municipal workers — should be down there screaming: `Pay Wall Street people more.’ That’s where their salaries come from, not the reverse.” Per the Post, he was being puckish.

Presumably he was also being puckish about this: according to Bloomberg, it’s just not fair that everyone’s picking on Wall Street, because the biggest bailouts last year were AIG (which, actually, is here in New York) and the auto industry. Payments to both, of course, were dwarved by the payments made to Wall Street, but they took place the year before.

Wannabe public employee Harold Ford has, so far, declined to say if he is paying any extra municipal salaries this year.


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