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Governor David Paterson: A Ham Waits For His Green Eggs


[Ed.: Every news organization in town, it seems, is aware that the New York Times is about to unload The Big One on Governor David Paterson. Held up by lawyers (we hear), involving any number of indiscretions (we’re told), the legend of the Times piece seems to grow by the hour. While we wait for the other shoe to drop, Tom Robbins offers this Seussian puzzle capturing the mood…]

Did he do it in a closet?

He could not, would not, in a closet.

Did he do it in his office?

He would not, could not in his office.

Did the troopers see him there?

They did not, could not see him anywhere.

Did he take their keys away?

He did not, would not take keys away.

Did they change their protocol?

They’d sooner send for Interpol.

Did he swap with his close friends?

What if he did? It is a trend.

Will the papers get the story?

Dig we must for greater glory.


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