DOT launches “” in time for Super Bowl drinking


The DOT wants someone sober to drive you home from today’s Super Bowl festivities, but they don’t really expect it to be one of your friends. “The Man” in is the designated driver, and they have a car service finder app to help you find one.

The site features a helpful quiz about the perils of DWI and a bizarre stop motion video about the joys of being completely sober when you hang out with your loutish drunk friends, but the focus of the publicity (which was launched on the DOT’s no doubt highly trafficked Facebook page on Friday) is on paying someone to drive you home (the tagline is “Find a Safe Ride”). The Find a Ride app will give you phone numbers for five local car services, which you can mail to yourself.

Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told the News on Friday. “New Yorkers know that drinking and driving is a dangerous combination, yet many often fail to plan ahead.”


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