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Gigi Jordan, charged in hotel slaying of her 8-year-old son, feared imaginary custody battle in non-existent divorce


Gigi Jordan, 49, the retired pharmaceutical executive who was charged in the overdose killing of her son Jude in a midtown hotel room, was found with what she apparently intended as a 20-page suicide note. In it, she reportedly said she feared “the mob,” child molesters, and a custody battle in her upcoming divorce. Jordan wasn’t married, and her most-recent ex-husband, Emil Tzekov, Jude’s father, says he hasn’t seen the child since 2007. Tsekov says he had investigators looking for his ex-wife and son, but was unable to find them.

Jordan was recently detained by authorities in Wyoming who suspected mental instability and feared for the boy’s safety.

According to Cheyenne Detective Tom Hood, who spoke to the Post, Jordan, who was living in California, contacted Flint Waters, a Wyoming sex crimes investigator, about two and a half years ago to tell him she believed that her son was being molested sexually by a satanic cult. When he told her to contact local authorities, she apparently decided to make her son’s case his business by flying the child to Wyoming.

Flint, suspicious of Jordan’s stories (among other things, she claimed that Jude, who was autistic and communicated by pointing, was typing the details of the sex abuse into a computer), showed her letters to local police, who took mother and child into custody. When no signs of physical abuse were found on the boy, he and his mother were released and left the state.

Jordan is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue.

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