In the Annals of Deja Vu: Blogger Aims to Cook and Chronicle… All 98 Recipes in the Momofuku Cookbook


Some ideas are so good, they beg to be ripped off, re-imagined, or just plain re-done. Up to you to decide where Momofuku for 2 falls.

“I know, I know. Blogging your way through a cookbook’s been done,” writes the author, a self-proclaimed “average girl who loves to cook and who loves noodles.” She adds, a little defensive: “There was even that movie. But I haven’t tried it yet, so there.”

Momofuku for 2 will chronicle the cooking of all 98 recipes from the Momofuku cookbook, a la Julie and Julia. “I’m not hoping to get rich or famous, I’m just hoping to make and eat some delicious food!” the author assures her readers. Again, echoing Ms. Powell.