Times: Girls at UNC Desperate for Dates; Females’ Desire for Education Blamed


A few weeks back the New York Times suggested that women with good-paying jobs could not find mates — which puzzled those of us in whose world the acquisition of a wife with money is known as “hitting the jackpot.” It apparently had something to do with male pride, which made men of the Times‘ subjects’ class insecure for some reason.

Now the Times returns to tell us that women who go to college can’t get mates either — at least while they’re at college.

The paper shows us a bunch of dateless North Carolina co-eds and says they are only enjoying each others’ company on weekend nights because females comprise 60 percent of NC student population — meaning the womenfolk there are not a tiny, prized commodity to be dueled over by alpha males, but a undervalued surplus commodity to be used accordingly.

This “tends to skew behavior” — plainly speaking, girls at UNC put out more than they might at a more gender-balanced campus. And if they are so fortunate as to acquire a fuck-buddy who allows himself to be called “boyfriend,” they are expected to countenance his bad behaviors. “As for a man’s cheating, ‘that’s a thing that girls let slide, because you have to,'” a subject tells the Times.

The message seems to be that women are only hurting themselves by going to college in the first place, and that if they don’t want to die alone they should go directly from high school to the checkout counter at Wal-Mart. Conversely, they could go to a school in a big city where their options are less limited — or maybe just any other school, period, as the NC guys don’t exactly sound like Prince Charming. (One tells the Times he stayed with his former girlfriend because “I didn’t think I would meet another girl as attractive as her.” We assume he’s pre-law.)

Or they could have sex with women. We wonder how many of them are doing that and didn’t tell the Times, for fear word would get out. We understand Chapel Hill is a tolerant community for the South, but that’s like saying anthrax is fairly benign compared to necrotizing fasciitis.

Next month: the Times explains that women who waste time on reading instead of grooming and kegel exercises are only hurting themselves.