Would You Want To Be Madonna Right Now?


Here are the issues on Madge’s gold-encrusted plate at the moment:

*Her film career seems to have stalled. Not like in the past, when it stalled but kept going.

*Meanwhile, the film career of her ex husband, Guy Ritchie, has soared, Sherlock Holmes having raked in two Oscar nominations and approximately $200 million at the box office. Not coincidentally, she’s not in it.

*The relationship with Jesus Luz apparently didn’t work out. I guess this Jesus couldn’t work miracles.

*Lady Gaga has emerged as a sort of new her, with an impressive blend of vocal chops, songwriting skills, and production values. It must be galling.

Fortunately, Madonna’s a legend who doesn’t need to compete anymore, and besides, she has her spirituality to fall back on. And she’ll be on an episode of Glee!

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