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Bernie Kerik, Crybaby? Read Tough Cop’s E-mail — and Weep!


Who knew that Bernie Kerik, the bullet-headed tough cop now headed to prison, was such a whiner? A really good whiner too, as proved by the latest submission by federal prosecutors to the White Plains judge who will sentence Kerik next week to somewhere north of 27 months.

Prosecutors cite a chunk of a July, 1999, e-mail in which Kerik’s fine whine includes a nice poetic touch, telling his then-high flying buddy, Larry Ray, about having to “beg, borrow and suck dick” to buy and rehab his new Riverdale apartment…

Actually, the costs were secretly shouldered by mob-tied builder Frank DiTommaso of Interstate Industrial Corp., who was trying to win clearance from city investigators with Kerik and Ray’s help. But Kerik –soon to be named by Rudy Giuliani as the city’s 40th police commissioner — was still in the dumps about not being a millionaire and worrying about the cost of a new child when he hit the send button to his pal Ray who had invited him on a trip:

“I feel like I’m on welfare and I can’t stand it when you or Frank [DiTommaso] pay, so I won’t go. I can’t afford to go out everyday to eat, to have a million dollar house, to put in a new pool and spend $35,000 on attorney fees for the luxury of that pool. I can’t go to the Caribean [sic] or Florida on a three day stint just because my dick gets hard or because I need a rest… I can’t go out and buy a motorcycle or car, or a Rolex watch at the drop of a dime, like I’ve watched you do. Without your help my wedding would never have happened and now, I’m walking on eggshells until this apartment is done. A bullshit $170,000, I had to beg, borrow and suck dick to get the down payment, and I’m still shitting over the $5,000 I need for closing if it happens. Then the renovations. You’ve said don’t worry and you’ve never let me down but in 7 months Hala’s having the baby and it’s killing me. And again, I feel like some sort of schmuck. Without you I couldn’t do it.”

That’s as much as federal prosecutors Elliott Jacobson, Perry Carbone, and Michael Bosworth quoted in their papers, which also ask for Kerik to be remanded immediately upon sentencing to the slammer since he’s an obvious flight risk. The rest of the email, as released in court documents, shows Kerik’s crybaby complaint continued:

“I’ve run out of pension funds and loans, and have no one else to help me except for Hala’s family and I would stay here in this 95 degree apartment, living in the air conditioned bedroom before I’d do that. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. I don’t think you live like me. So that’s why I don’t want to sit around for years, reaching for the stars. Some extra monthly income as a result of some small time investment would be just fine. Something is better than nothing, and without you, that’s what I’ve gotten.”


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