Bunny Chow Hops On


As we told you yesterday, LES South African restaurant is listed for sale by Misrahi Realty. But don’t count the chow out yet.

We got in touch with owner Manu Dhingra, who says that Bunny Chow is very much open, and will remain that way. It’s a bit complicated, but he maintains that the listing is part of a rearrangement of the business among the four partners, and not a step on the way to closing.

Meanwhile, the restaurant has expanded its bunny chow filling options, which were previously limited to shrimp, lamb, or chicken curry. You can now also chose from poached egg in basil curry; mixed vegetables with split pea daal; mixed seafood with white wine, tomatoes and peri peri pesto; boerewors (sausage) with tomato onion gravy; and curry goat.

Bunny Chow is one of the many restaurants you’ll find at Choice Eats.


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