New York

Child Abuse


Besides having one of New York’s best band names, Child Abuse also has the best T-shirts (gray rainbow!) and a distinctive, nrrd-fuck sound that can back up that confrontational exterior with brawn and brain. Think bowel-beating, sinus-clearing noise-metal run through Schoenberg’s 12-tone beep-boops, Meshuggah’s prog-metal body blows, Big Black’s treble-y punko noxiousness and Sun Ra’s spacebound screw-it-alls. Basically, they’re the ultimate cult band. Joining them for a night of heavy art are Minutemen-meet-Ornette whackjobs Alien Whale (starring members of USAISAMONSTER and Talibam!) and krautpunks Starring.

Sat., Feb. 13, 8 p.m., 2010

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