Eric Church


Taylor Swift and her ensuing parade of debutante songbirds aren’t the only dollar sign that narcotic Nashville is mainlining. There’s another youth movement afoot in Hat City, and it’s tailored to dudes who spit, punch, pray, and wear Brett Favre’s Wranglers. Or at least that’s the narrative setup. Dude fans of a dude like Eric Church also drink dude drinks, hence the black licorice kick to the umbrella over this tour, Jägermeister’s first foray into pimping country music. Over two albums, Church’s songs, populist ruckus-makers such as “Lotta Boot to Fill” and “Guys Like Me,” haven’t differentiated him from the hat pack of sandy-haired types with a drawl and a dream. But shit, he probably likes to swear live. And there will be Jäger. Oh, will there be Jäger.

Wed., Feb. 10, 8 p.m., 2010

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