Tonight, Citizen Cope starts his third night of five (!) nights across New York—two at Music Hall of Williamsburg, three at Bowery Ballroom—bringing his chilled-out boho strummer-funk to his exceptionally chilled-out fans. Spending a few years as the missing link between Beck and John Mayer, Cope is still managing to give the beach-going acoustic guitar troubadour its moody hip-hop makeover. The first single from his upcoming fourth LP, Rainwater, doesn’t rock the boat at all—chillaxed vibes, hard-pumping breakbeats, luxurious pseudo-hippie croon. Be prepared to hear this guy everywhere in 2010, but, then again, you already do: His Wikipedia entry has nearly 40 entries for his songs that are licensed to a commercial or a TV show—everywhere from Entourage to Scrubs to So You Think You Can Dance to car commercials. In other words, don’t wonder how this guy is selling out five nights even though none of your friends are going.

Fri., Feb. 12, 8 p.m., 2010