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Hiram Monserrate to Be Expelled from the State Senate, Say Reports


He was found guilty of attacking his girlfriend in December of 2008, and held to account by a state senate panel. Now the full senate is preparing to expel Hiram Monserrate from the chamber.

Democratic members of the state senate are said by several sources to have two options in mind for Monserrate, both fatal: either to expel him immediately, or to expel him effective June 30th.

The difference is meaningful, as Monserrate has vowed to fight his expulsion if it comes, and if he’s left in place he might get a restraining order to keep himself on the job. It would be harder to get a court to put him back in. (That’s why the Paterson Administration hustled to swear in Richard Ravitch as Lieutenant Governor — to present a status-quo favorable to them in legal challenges; it didn’t work at first, but Paterson and Ravitch prevailed eventually.)

Monserrate was convicted in October of assaulting his girlfriend, and last month a state senate panel recommended he be censured or expelled.


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