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Larry Seabrook to Surrender Today on Fraud, Extortion Charges: Times (Update)


Authorities have been looking long and hard at Bronx councilmember Larry Seabrook for a while now. Back in 2008 the city denied $887K funds to his proposed Bronx African-American Chamber of Commerce, the offices of which abutted Seabrook’s campaign office; the Times later reported the Feds were investigating Seabrook. Later the councilman was found to have received rent reimbursement far in excess of his actual rent.

Today the Times reports that Seabrook is expected to turn himself in to face 13 federal counts of money laundering, extortion fraud, and receipt of an unlawful gratuity.

No one’s sure yet what the charges stem from; speculation ranges from contract fixing to the rent scams to the council slush fund scandals, in which Seabrook was heavily implicated.

Seabrook is shown on video below, engaged in a spirited debate with an opponent in 2009…

Update: Indictment’s out, Seabrook in custody: See here.



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