Lil Wayne Is Probably Going to Rikers Island Today


Today Lil Wayne will finally enter a plea in a Manhattan courtroom stemming from a 2007 gun charge he caught in New York City. He’s expected to start serving time at Rikers Island right away–“I just say I’m looking forward to it,” the rapper told Rolling Stone. Maybe. Billboard quotes City Department of Correction spokesman Stephen Morello as saying “there’s no special-inmates wing” at Rikers, though Wayne’s rap predecessors there–Foxy Brown, Remy Ma–were generally housed separately from the sprawling general population.

“They might lock him down and let him come out with a supervisor and stuff like that [when he’s] in the main area,” so-called “hip-hop cop” and New Yorker profile subject Derrick Parker told MTV, “but he’s definitely going to be treated differently.” That means network TV, DVDs, but no iPod, which is a bummer for those who imagined his one-year sentence as an intensive creative retreat. Still there’s hope for new material: Wayne’s been in the studio working on both Tha Carter IV and a new edition of the Empire’s The Drought Is Over series, the latter cover of which depicts Wayne being crucified by the NYPD. Let’s just say the last time a rapper went that route, it didn’t work out too well. Here is his 55 minute farewell via video last night. It’s…epic. At least he’s in good spirits!

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