Mets Lower Outfield Wall, Will Still Suck


The Yankees built a new park with closer and shorter outfield fences, hit a lot of homers and won the World Series. The Mets built their new park with reasonable distances and higher walls (“they want it to be as neutral as possible,” a designer told the Times), and look what happened to them. They hit 95 home runs last year, the fewest in the majors.

It’s too late to bring the fences in, but the Mets have given up on neutrality and are cutting down the center field wall from sixteen feet to eight.

Unfortunately the wall can’t be raised for opposing teams, who actually hit more homers at Citi Field than they did at Shea the year before. But at least when opponents tee off on one of the Mets’ many injured pitchers, it’ll make for a lively, high-scoring event, which is about the best we can hope for, as we no longer expect the Mets to win games.



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