Michael Jackson Autopsy Reveals Thin Hair, Closed Bottle of Urine


The Michael Jackson autopsy report is out, and reveals only a few heretofore unknown details. For instance, scene investigators found “near the foot of the bed… a closed bottle of urine atop a chair.” TMZ contacts Dr. Arnold Klein, a former member of Jackson’s medical team, who explains, “That’s how he peed” — in cups, bottles, and for all we know Ming vases, often in the presence of others. It was allegedly a legacy of his early show-biz days, when bathrooms were frequently unavailable.

Investigators also found, amid the medical detritus in the room, “several empty orange juice bottles,” which fills in the urine picture a little.

Other findings: “The decedent’s head hair is sparse and is connected to a wig.” Jackson had puncture wounds in his neck and “bilaterally in the inguinal area” (either side of his crotch). Also, various bruises, and “discolorations” perhaps consistent with Jackson’s reported vitiligo.

As every schoolchild now knows, cause of death was acute propofol intoxication, and Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, has been charged with and pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Murray recently added two lawyers to his defense team: Michael Flanagan, who previously defended Britney Spears on charges of unlicensed driving, and Joseph Low, who represented Murray’s girlfriend during the grand jury hearings.



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