New Ninjasonik MP3: The Matt-and-Kim-Sampling, Dan-Deacon-Namechecking Premiere of “All Our Friends”


Why isn’t there universal shorthand for tracks in which rappers individually single out their loved ones, from God to Mom to the local corner slinger? Lupe Fiasco’s “Outro” is a bloated example that comes to mind, with 12-plus Food & Liquor minutes of Cornel West’s model citizen shouting out everyone he ever added on MySpace, but these things really do need a name. “Crew clip,” “homie holla,” “family props,” or “posse cut,” as one intra-office dialogue yields, don’t quite seem right. Rap nerds, where’s your clever?

However you elect to label them, one such track is below from Brooklyn party-rap destroyers Ninjasonik, off their debut full-length Art School Girls, due out from M.I.A.’s husband’s (!?!) environmentally principled local label Green Owl Records on, ahem, 4/20. “All Our Friends” is the title. Matt & Kim’s anthemic “Silver Tiles” is the backing sample. The role call includes DIY fixtures Dan Deacon, The So So Glos, Best Fwends, Team Robespierre, the Death Set, Japanther, the aforementioned Matt & Kim (whose male half is said here to “push keys like a drug kingpin”–ha!).

Judging by the frequency that these guys end up in Nate “Igor” Smith’s portraits, this should be no surprise at all that the trio both don’t bother with bouncers (“No need for the guest list/I’m sneaking through the exit”) and have friends–lots and lots of friends. After all, MC Telli Gramz once publicly aligned himself with “wild animals who do nothing but party, drink, destroy and drug.” So imagine, after doing all that, the swaying group-hug singalong you’d want to hear at 4 am in Bushwick, while cradling a King Cobra, babbling about how awesome MtyMx is going to be, and checking your texts. “All Our Friends” is that song.

Download: [audio-1]


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