Scott Conant on his Favorite Pizza, Italian, and What’s Missing in NYC Dining


Yesterday, we talked to Scott Conant about Faustina’s opening, at-home pasta tips, and how he manages to cook at all three of his restaurants.

Today, we bring you the second half of the interview, in which Conant talks about his favorite places to get pizza and Italian, and what the New York dining scene is missing.

What do you think the New York dining scene needs more of?

I went to Japan and was blown away by all of the restaurants there. I love the Japanese restaurants here, but many don’t compare to what I had in Japan.

What’s the last book you read or movie you saw?

The Hangover was the last movie I saw and I loved it. I recently read one of Abe Lincoln’s autobiographies and it was truly inspiring.

What’s the biggest mistake you ever made in the kitchen?

When I trusted other people with my vision and not speaking up when I noticed something wasn’t right. I wasn’t vocal and that’s something I’ll never let happen again.

What other New York Italian restaurants do you like?

I like Peasant a lot. I recently dined at Rao’s and it was great. It brought me right back! I also like Ferdinando’s Focacceria in Brooklyn.

Do you have a go-to pizza place?

Veloce Pizzeria in East Village….it’s awesome. I’m also looking forward to trying Keste on Bleecker Street.

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