It’s estimated, by his equally inexhaustible fans, that B.B. King has played more than 15,000 shows in his life. And yet, the “Ambassador of the Blues” has managed to make them only a portion of his formidable career; Lucille’s master helped invent electric r&b as we know it with his Sun Records output in the ’50s and MCA/Geffen efforts in the ’60s, opened four nightclubs bearing his name, served on the board of directors of Little Kids Rock (a terrific charity that provides musical instruments for under-funded public schools), and won enough awards to sink a boat. But at 84 years old, his most amazing accomplishments remain, as always, his gravelly honesty, his fluid picking, and his ability to sing about the storms so beautifully that we know they’ll pass. With Buddy Guy.

Fri., Feb. 12, 8 p.m., 2010