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Business Improvement District Proposed for Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn


The Brooklyn Paper reports some Park Slope merchants are trying to start up a Business Improvement District on Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn, like the BID that pays for those orange-jumpsuited folks who clean out trash barrels in Times Square.

The BP takes the angle that a BID amounts to a tax which all property owners, regarding of their wishes, must pay — which is true (it’s generally one of the few taxes about which conservatives are enthusiastic), though the city must approve it. But supporters say similar BIDs are flourishing in surrounding neighborhoods; also, the area’s Chamber of Commerce president Mitch Szpicek says, “The fees might go up, but the [business’s] rent might go up [thanks to the BID] because their community is going to be more vibrant.” And you can’t put a price on vibrancy.

Szpicek also tell Courier Life papers that the C of C, unlike the proposed BID, relies on voluntary contributions from its membership of 100. “You tell me which you would rather have, 300 or 100?” he asks.


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