David Chang Hopes to “Let Everybody Down” at Ma Peche


The Post‘s Steve Cuozzo checked in with David Chang about what’s going on with Ma Peche, and reports that the restaurant may open by the late winter, will seat about 80 people, and will not, by the chef’s own admission, really be a David Chang restaurant.

Instead, Chang told Cuozzo that “I’m an owner, but I’m just trying to focus on the East Village…First and foremost, the food will be [executive chef] Tien Ho’s. I give him suggestions and I taste things. But Tien is creating the menu and his own team.” Ho’s menu won’t, incidentally, include a hamburger.

The restaurant, designed by DBGB’s Thomas Schlesser, will feature a large dining area with communal tables and — gasp — stools with backs. The kitchen will be enclosed, and Ma Peche’s ground floor will be home to a Milk Bar.

As for all of the heightened expectations surrounding the restaurant’s opening, Chang told Cuozzo that “[h]opefully, we’ll let everybody down.” Dare to dream…


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