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Hiram Monserrate Returns to Bring Us All Hope


They haven’t seen the last of Hiram Monserrate” says the defenestrated senator like an old movie villain. Monserrate, who was kicked out last night for his misdemeanor assault on his girlfriend, plans to legally challenge the senate vote that drove him out — just as soon as the snow clears and courts are back in session.

He also threatens to remain a senator “for many, many years.” We’ll see if he shows up during the next senate session in the balcony, wearing a cape and laughing maniacally.

It seems as if the senate’s moving on with its life, though — they’ve already taken Monserrate’s name from his office door (from the photo, it looks like they did it quickly, too, and with a crowbar). Capitol Confidential observed someone changing the lock on the door.

Reports are now emerging that that in a Democratic conference over all this yesterday, Kevin Parker — the senator who voted against Monserrate’s ouster, and has a famous temper problem — verbally attacked senator Diane Savino (one of our favorites) and threatened Jeff Klein (“You want a piece of me?”), and had to be restrained by conference leader John Sampson and others. Can we maybe throw him out next?



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