“Internet Media Corporation” Sues Tribune for Use of “Preselected Internet Locations”


Something called “Internet Media Corporation” is suing the Tribune Company (Chicago Tribune, etc.) for patent infringement. They claim the media company has stolen its “System for Providing Easy Access to the World Wide Web Utilizing a Published List of Preselected Internet Locations Together With Their Unique Multi-Digit Jump Codes.” In other words, links, with codes to tell the provider where it came from, like when you grab a link from the Daily News and it tacks a bunch of code after the “html” suffix — which, hmmm, the News seems to have stopped doing. Can there be something to it?

Anyway, they want damages. Windy Citizen calls IMC a “patent troll,” and the company previously tried without success to trademark the phrase “What’s On The Internet.” But who knows? People used to laugh at the National Enquirer, and now it’s up for a Pulitzer.


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