Never Mind: Fraunces Tavern Will Reopen With New Management


Yesterday, it looked as though Fraunces Tavern, which bills itself as the city’s oldest restaurant and also its preeminent destination for Colonial-themed dining, was going to close its doors thanks to the bad economy. But it now appears that that’s not the case.

Newyorkology has learned that the restaurant is actually just shutting down for a week, and will subsequently reopen under new management.

Charles C. Lucas Jr., the president of Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York, Inc., which has owned the Tavern building since 1904, said in a statement that “[w]e will simply be arranging for a new tenant, otherwise the museum and everything else at the five-building Fraunces Tavern complex will continue as usual…There has been a restaurant at this corner since 1762 and we want to assure the public that tradition will continue.”

The restaurant’s current management company, 54 Pearl Street Associates, will cease operations after service on Saturday.

[Via Eater]


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