Peering Inside Pat Metheny’s Greenpoint Robot Factory


When Pat Metheny told us a few weeks back about the making of his steampunk MIDI orchestra opus Orchestrion, he failed to mention that he’d taken up residence in a Greenpoint church where he rehearses by himself in a room full of robots. Wired has the damning evidence. Even more confusing is the fact of our automated overlords massing a place of god has somehow become part of the sales pitch for real estate agents trying to sell the former church, which used to be St. Elias, out from under Metheny. “It’s like having a built-in soundtrack whenever we show this magnificent mansion-like space,” broker Lior Barak told the Brooklyn Eagle. “Even better, it illustrates how easily the space will also adapt to a live/work situation.” Depends on your definition of “life” but yeah, clearly. [Wired, BE, Curbed]

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