RZA’s Official Statement on What It Was Like to Dress Up As George Washington for Victory or Death: “More baggy, more space for my nuts.”


Surely you recall Victory or Death, the massive RZA-helmed tribute to Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze’s George Washington Crossing the Potomac painting, except with Wu-Tang members and hidden ninjas and a website that plays a remix of “O Fortuna” at swelling volume? Well our pals at the LA Weekly had the bright idea of asking the rapper how he got himself into that George Washington suit he sports so ardently on the bow of that canoe:

It took me like an hour to put this suit on, first of all. I didn’t know George Washington wore tights so tight. I actually couldn’t put the tights on how I was supposed to because they were so tight. I was kind of embarrassed with the tights on because they really hug your nuts. So instead of the tights that we bought from the prop house, I had a pair of tights [thermals] also. I’m from New York. So I put on my own tights. I didn’t wear the costume tights that they bought. More baggy, more space for my nuts. We tried some shots with the wig, without the wig, with the hat, without the hat, some with me holding my beat machine. It was real fun.

I knew there was something anachronistic about that painting! Baggy pants, of course! Shame the beat machine didn’t make it though. Further topics discussed, if you’re curious: why GZA and ODB are the only other two Wu-Tang members featured, what victory over death might mean, and how this beautiful canvas was this close to being a painting of the Bodhidharma instead. [LA Weekly]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 10, 2010

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