The East Village Braces Itself for a New Bar in Bad Taste: The 13th Step


Alcoholics Anonymous describes the “13th step” as a “euphemism for inappropriate sexual advances by a member to a newcomer in AA (such as sponsors toward sponsees).” Also used as a verb, “thirteenth stepping” is never seen as a good thing. And so, it’s with a good deal of bad taste, points out EV Grieve, that The 13th Step prepares to open in the old Telephone Bar space.

According to EV Grieve, the new joint is owned by NYCBestBars, the group that includes The Stumble Inn, Off the Wagon, Down the Hatch, Jake’s Dilemma, Gin Mill, and Eat, Drink & Be Merry. The new place is expected to be, well, fratty as hell.


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