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Bill de Blasio to Landlords: You’ll Be in Hot Water if Your Tenants Aren’t


Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is warning that he wants to more than double the fines for New York City landlords who don’t heat their buildings for more than five days in a row.

In 2008, there were 230,000 lack-of-heating complaints logged by the city, and tenants commonly take such dangerous measures as leave their gas stoves on all night.

Of course, there are the exceptions, like the scattered artists and hipsters who purposely leave their heat off for the whole winter — for aesthetic reasons or just because it’s, like, really, really cool.

But people who actually want heat will like this possible development:

Currently, landlords who fail to provide heat and hot water are charged between $250 and $500 by the city for every day the heat is off. But landlords are often able to get such fines reduced in Housing Court, says de Blasio. He aims to rise fines to $1,000 a day for any landlord who lets his buildings go more than five days without heat.

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