Brady Duhame Out at Robert, Citing Creative Differences


Just two months into the position — and a day after a negative review from Time Out‘s Jay Cheshes, Grub Street reports that Brady Duhame resigned from his post at Robert, the new restaurant in the Museum of Arts and Design, leaving the kitchen in the hands of sous-chef Matt Kaufman.

“We were pumping out the numbers and they wanted to add more covers,” says Duhame, who had stints at Picholine and Union Prime. “I wanted something more contemporary and a little higher end. As a chef, I wanted to do my dream food and make the owners happy by making money, but Michael’s restaurants aren’t chef-driven, and the adjustments they wanted to make were taking me out of the dishes.”

According to Cheshes, Duhame’s dream food fell short. Meanwhile, Steve Cuozzo raved about the view from the Robert, and deemed the food “not bad.”

Michael Weinstein, CEO of Ark Management, which owns the restaurant, admitted the split was due to clashing visions: “Brady is a good guy and a very fine chef, but we had a different management style. There is no question that I have an ego about it, but I’ve been successful and I try to make decisions that are right for my investment and my shareholders.”

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