Dennis Hopper Gets Restraining Order Against Soon-To-Be-Ex-Wife


We were concerned when 73-year-old Dennis Hopper was briefly hospitalized for flu-like symptoms back in October, and when it was revealed soon after that he has prostate cancer. So’s his attorney, and apparently he thinks it’s best for Hopper’s health that Victoria Duffy, Hopper’s fifth and current wife until Hopper manages to divorce her, be kept away from the actor.

The attorney argued in court that “the presence of his estranged wife is hampering Mr. Hopper’s present cancer care,” and that he would live longer if the judge would place a restraining order against her.

Harry Hopper, the actor’s 19-year-old son, said in a deposition that Duffy “has made my father’s life a living hell,” and changed locks in their home to keep the son out after accusing him of stealing. Dennis Hopper claimed that Duffy had kept their daughter Galen away from him during Christmas.

For her part, Duffy argues Hopper is abusive and largely “incapable of handling his legal and financial affairs,” which leaves his adult children to conspire against her contrary to her husband’s wishes.

The judge ruled that 42-year-old Victoria Duffy Hopper must stay away from her husband, his son and daughter by a previous marriage, and his personal assistant. She must also vacate his home by mid-March, per the terms of their prenuptial agreement.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 11, 2010

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