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Grrr. . . Park Slope Dog Mugged For Her Coat


We’re still reeling over the news that a Park Slope pooch was mugged recently for her stylish puppy sweater–right before Fashion Week! Yes, Lexie, a 10-year-old Westie, was blindsided by a horrible, heartless cat person–or at least that’s what we’re assuming, because really who else could commit such an atrocious crime. Her owner, Brooklyn resident Donna McPherson, tells Fucked in Park Slope that she left the pup very briefly unattended outside Ace Supermarket (“10 seconds or so”), and returned upon hearing a “funny bark.” Even funnier: McPherson’s aside to the Associated Press that she was glad it was not Lexie’s pricier Burberry sweater that was snatched. No word yet on whether McPherson will be issuing a police report of the incident, and or scouring the neighborhood for an impostor pup in the conspicuous green, belted wool jacket. Grrr. . .

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