Heather Eats Too Much, and We Get a Food History Lesson


For a college course called Eng 444: Psychedelic Studies, someone named Heather was assigned what might have been a mundane multi-media project. Instead, she created a lively food tour of the American 1960’s, year by year, each year represented by a food product that was introduced in that year. So cool!

Looking small and far away, Heather actually eats the products as three songs unfold: “Ito Eats” by Elvis Presley, “Goober Peas” (a bizarre Civil War number) by the Kingston Trio, and “Vegetables” by the Beach Boys. You might be surprised to learn that Granny Smith Apples, Dominos Pizza, SpaghettiO’s, and Doritos were all foods of the 60s.

She did the merest of blogs, too, to accompany the project, then disappeared, leaving virtually no Internet trace. Heather, please reappear and do the decades you missed!

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