New York

Lindsay Lohan is Hosting a Pool Party!


Lindsay Lohan‘s career might have hit a bit of a snag, but her partying hasn’t. And now she’s geting paid for it!

On Saturday February 20, Lindsay is making a special appearance at the event called Pool After Dark at Harrah’s casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Is this a good career move for the beleaguered movie starlet? Is it a career move at all? Heck if I know, but at least it’ll provide some cash to help pay for her exorbitant living expenses.

It’ll also be a good test of her character. Will she be able to hang around all that boozin’ and shmoozin’ and stay totally clean and coherent?

Will she not dive into the proverbial pool? And the real one too?

Or will she be pushed by her uninvited father?

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