Tom Mylan Pens an Ode to Knives


On cutting oneself: “I am an expert. I have sliced off thumb tips and fingernails. I have shaved paper-thin wafers of my knuckle and buried a breaking/cimeter knife an inch and a half into my forearm,” writes The Meat Hook butcher Tom Mylan in his Atlantic Food Channel essay.

The most surprising part of the piece, which is as much a how-to guide as it is a love letter to sharp things, is his revelation that he prefers cheap, sturdy chef’s knives that go for less than $40 to fancier blades.

His most important piece of advice: Keep your knife in your hand. “You should hold your knife like the butt of a pistol, fingers wrapped tightly around the grip ‘like someone was trying to take it away from you,'” he writes. “Some people hold a boning knife like a conductor’s baton during a particularly slow part of Pachelbel’s Canon. This is wrong.”

For more tips on wielding your weapon, read on.

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