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David Yassky Reportedly Up for Taxi Commissioner Job (Updated)


Mayor Bloomberg announced today that Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Matthew Daus is stepping down from his job. Guess who’s being considered for the job? David Yassky, the former city councilmember who lost last year’s primary for the Democratic nomination for comptroller (which was won by John Liu, who presently holds the gig).

Bloomberg favored Yassky over John Liu in that race, during which Liu made much of the fact that Yassky flip-flopped and finally came down in favor of Bloomberg’s term limits extension in 2008. (Liu was opposed.) Since taking office — indeed, since before taking it — Liu’s been a pain in Bloomberg’s ass.

Fox mentions that Yassky was “involved with transportation issues” while on the council. Liu was the chair of the council’s transportation committee, in which the two men fought over the Bikes in Buildings Bill.

The TLC commissioner’s job is something of a patronage plum — Rudolph Giuliani gave it to Diane McGrath-McKechnie, a former sacrificial-lamb Republican candidate for Mayor versus Ed Koch — though some commissioners have served with distinction. Liz Benjamin says Yassky has been “mentioned for a number of posts in the Bloomberg administration since losing the election.”

Update: We certainly never meant to imply that Daus is not among the Commissioners who’ve served with distinction, but his office will have us know Daus “oversaw the installation of credit/debit card, payment options, Global Positioning Systems, and passenger and driver information screens in all taxicabs,” among many other accomplishments during his 14-year tenure. Daus will lecture at the CUNY Transportation Research Center, and “pursue business opportunities in the private sector.”

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