Listening To Rappers Gush Over Sade Will Seriously Never Get Old


Sade media-blitz week is winding down (much to David Letterman’s dismay) — looks like her Soldier of Love, despite its rampant iciness, will top next week’s Billboard chart with ease. It’s nice to have something/someone we can all agree on. With that in mind. our arch-enemies over at Vulture corralled an impressive roster of hip-hop luminaries (Missy Elliott, the Clipse Boys, Rakim, Keri Hilson, etc.) to wax rhapsodic on our regal heroine, a fine idea that buzzes along cheerfully until you get to Joell Ortiz:

I always think of the song “Ordinary Love” whenever someone brings up Sade, because that song came out around the time my dad bounced. After he left, my mom used to sit in her room, getting high while listening to “Ordinary Love” over and over again for weeks. That was saddest time of my young life. Whenever I hear that song, I well up with tears.”

Brrr. She’s universally beloved for a reason, folks, and it ain’t because she’s walking on sunshine.

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