Patti Smith and Metric Paid Tribute To Alexander McQueen at Last Night’s LNA Afterparty at MILK Studios


“When people like Alexander McQueen leave us so young we have to remember to live,” Patti Smith said in between songs at last night’s LNA afterparty at Chelsea’s MILK Studios. “Don’t forget, you’re alive.”

We’re not sure how much the Los Angeles-based t-shirt company forked over to have both Smith and Canadian alt-rockers Metric perform for a few hundred people–among them Josh Harnett and a bevy of America’s Next Top Model rejects–for their Fashion Week soiree, nor do we really care.

Smith, who played a half-hour set dedicated to the late British designer McQueen, comprised of “Gloria,” “Because The Night,” and Phil Spector’s “Be My Baby,” opened up for Metric, which was confusing. But Smith rocked the small stage nonetheless. “I heard this was a fashion party. It’s a hellhole,” Smith said. “It’s just like any other hellhole I’ve played in.”

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