Photos: Yeasayer Rock ABC Carpet and Home for Erin Wasson; Ke$ha Gets a Front-Row Sofa


Though we’re not positive, we have a feeling Yeasayer can claim the title of being the first band to have ever rocked ABC Carpet and Home, land of $40,000 rugs and fancy home furnishings. Model turned fashion designer Erin Wasson hired the band to play her boho-themed Fashion Week presentation inside the store last night.

As the models walked a path around the audience (which included Ke$ha in an eye-popping leopard-print leotard and biker jacket), Yeasayer played “Wait For the Summer” and then got the hell off. The crowd, lounging in plush sofas and on mounds of overturned rugs with glasses of champagne, begged for an encore. Perhaps sensing that they were out of place, the band did not oblige. To be fair, it’s been a busy week for them.

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