Ray’s Delivery Service Starts Tomorrow, Amidst More Landlord Woes


In the latest installment of the continuing saga of Ray’s Candy Store, the Avenue A stalwart will begin Saturday night delivery service tomorrow. The brainchild of a couple of neighborhood youths, the Delivery Project, as it’s called, “aims to stimulate revenue by attracting new customers, and increasing availability for Lower Manhattan.” Its organizers are volunteering their services, and will deliver from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

According to Neither More Nor Less, owner Ray Alvarez can still use all of the revenue he can get: Although he’s been able to pay his December and January rent, he still hasn’t paid February and was recently served with a scary-looking notice of petition of non-payment that will require him to appear in court. Also, his landlord is making Alvarez install a kitchen hood and grease traps, but Alvarez’s month-to-month lease will make it difficult for him to secure financing. So he’ll have to sell an awful lot of Belgian frites before he’s out of this particular neck of the woods.


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