This Weekend! Justice, Harlem, Phantogram, Blank Dogs, The Magnetic Fields, Beach Fossils, The Beets, Suckers, Rain Machine, and Neon Indian


While the city’s alt-bros are locked up in Terminal 5 for a Justice DJ set and the subsequent Ed Banger 7th Anniversary Party, you can be crawling around in the cavernous Monster Island. There, the scuzzy (Frankie Rose and the Outs), the scuzzier (Harlem), and the scuzziest (Stupid Party) will unite for yet another lo-fi fiesta. Cleaning up this gunk is Phantogram at the Mercury Lounge, where the band will toss together spliced beats and rumbling keyboards beneath hazy vocals.

Head back underground to Monster Island on Saturday for the crackly, murky synth-play of Blank Dogs, or, for a markedly classier evening, participate in an inadvertent Valentine’s Day protest at BAM, featuring the Magnetic Fields, who, despite penning 69 Love Songs, only seem to deliver backhanded lyrics like “I gotta get too drunk to dream/Because I only dream of you.” (Some thoughts on their latest effort, Realism, can be found here.) Death by Audio will be housing the crunchy pop of Beach Fossils, Christmas Island, and the Beets.

As for Sunday, Suckers will kick off Valentine’s Day at Cameo, pairing their wobbly hound-dog melodies with the adorable, date-friendly poster to the left. But if you’re dateless, go see Rain Machine (TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone) at Glasslands and stick around for the afterparty, where Neon Indian will be DJing. If you can’t be in love, might as well settle for being terminally chill.

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